The Malaga Countryside & it's Secret Treasures : Why Our Tours are “Simply the Best”

  The Malaga Countryside & it's Secret Treasures : Why Our Tours are “Simply the Best”


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Tour No 1:  El Torcal de Antequera, Caserio de San Benito & Los Dolmenes.

Tour No 1: El Torcal de Antequera, Caserio de San Benito & Los Dolmenes.


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Tour No 2:   Los Montes de Málaga -  The Mountains of Málaga,  El Molino del Hortelano & La Alcazaba

Tour No 2: Los Montes de Málaga -  The Mountains of Málaga, El Molino del Hortelano & La Alcazaba


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Let us take you on an adventure into the Fascinating Málaga Countryside and introduce you to some of its Secret Treasures.

Our Tours 

Now that you have probably enjoyed our warm sandy beaches and experienced the busy towns and the City of Málaga let us take you on a completely different type of outing.

Come out and visit us in the Highlands. You will be more than welcome. We would love to meet you. 

Our luxury coaches will collect the already booked clients all along The Coast from Fuengirola to Málaga City.

All our Tours have the following collection points and collection times:

Fuengirola        8.30 am

Benalmadena    9.00 am

Torremolinos    9.30 am

Málaga City     10.00 am

The exact time and point of pick-up will be printed on your ticket.

You can expect to be back home by 7.00 pm.

Each Tour will have two guides who speak Spanish, English and another language.

The prices of our Tours are “all inclusive”. There are no extra charges of any sort.

Tour No 1 

El Torcal de Antequera, Caserio de San Benito and Los Dolmenes.

Tour No.1  operates each Friday

We will drive you out and up into the mountain air of the famous Nature Reserve of  El Torcal , some 30 kilometers north of the city in the Málaga Highlands.

El Torcal was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2016.

There we will have Morning Coffee on the balcony overlooking the unique mountain chains and valleys that stretch all the way down across the lands of Málaga to the Mediterranean Sea.

Let us then invite you to a first class, three-course lunch at one of the Great Rural Restaurants that can be found hidden in the Málaga Countryside   

El “Caserio de San Benito”  A member of The Distinguished Establishments of Andalucia

This family owned restaurant is situated a few kilometres west of the wealthy and ancient town of Antequera.

As our Tours are “All Inclusive” even the drinks and wines are on us.  

 Enjoy yourself!!    Sláinte !!

After your leisurely lunch let us take you on a visit to the famous Antequera  Dolmens Site  also part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is some 5,000 years old. It has been described as an outstanding example of megalithic architecture”.  It is the greatest megalithic site in Europe.  

Imagine –  the largest upright individual carved stone weighs some 180 tonnes!!

We will then turn for home and have a break and a coffee at a Wayside Inn.

We expect to have you back, safe and sound, by 7.00 pm.

The all-inclusive price of this Tour is Euros 85.00

 Tour No. 2

Los Montes de Málaga –  The Mountains of Málaga

El Molino del Hortelano & La Alcazaba

Tour No. 2 operates each Saturday

Let us drive you out and up into the Highlands of  Málaga  –    Los Montes de Málaga

Our first port of call will be to El Molino del Hortelano which is to be found in the middle of the Olive Groves of “Lo Urbano” some 25 Kilometers north of Málaga.

This Olive Oil producing Finca is owned by the same family for generations and they will give us a Full Guided Tour of their Estate showing us all there is to know about the growing, production and bottling of the “Liquid Gold of Málaga.”

We will sample their various Olive Oils and also have a Morning Coffee.

We will then drive to the Town of Colmenar where we will have a leisurely lunch in the famous  family run “Taberna de las Flores”.  –  A Great Discovery !

As usual, all drinks and wine are on us !    Cheers !   Sláinte arís !!

After lunch we will visit the famous town of Antequera – “The Crossroads of Andelucia” -, being so called because it is situated between the four great cities of Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla and Malaga. We will stroll through La Alcazaba de Antequera which was built in the 14th Century by the Moors to counter the Christian Army’s advance from the North. The word Alcazaba comes from the Arabic ” Al Kasbah” which means a Citadel. 

From the towers of the Alcazaba one has a 360 degree view of all the surrounding countryside.

From here we can see the vast extent of “La Vega de Andalucia”. The Spanish word “vega” means a great fertile plain  –  hence Las Vegas in America. This Vega is surrounded by two mountain chains –  Subetica to the north and by Penibetica to the south.

Before departing for home we will have some light refreshments in Restaurante El Escribano. It is worthwhile to sit on the terraces of this restaurant and admire the famous Santa Maria  Church and view the many architectural attractions of Antequera spread out below.

We will then turn for home and have you back by 7.00 pm.

The all-inclusive price of this Tour is Euros 85.00

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  1. Booking

    1. Once you have booked online you will receive a confirmation email, you can print this or save it on your phone, this is your ticket. PLEASE DON’T LOOSE IT.

  2. What to wear

    1. We recommend comfortable walking shoes.

    2. In the winter a warm sweater and jacket, Malaga is surprisingly diverse and can get quite chilly up the mountains.

    3. A hat and sun cream all year round to protect you from the sun.

  3. Personal belongings

    1. Please take responsibility of your personal belongings, camera, bags, spouses, etc.! Do not leave anything on the bus during the day as we cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of personal items. Before disembarking at the end of the day please check you have everything and everyone you came with.

  4. Cancellation

    1. No problem if you cancel more than 7 days in advance, we have to deduct the reservation fee, which will depend on what site you booked your tour with. However, if you cancel within the 7 days we will have to charge full price or try to change your dates depending on availability. Don’t forget to check your private insurance, maybe your covered.

    2. For private or bespoke tours please give us 30 days notice of any changes, admin charges here will vary, but don’t worry, we’ll agree all this beforehand.

  5. Changes

    1. We love the sights, visits and restaurants we have chosen for you to enjoy, we would only change something in the face of last minute unforeseen circumstances, but don’t worry we have it covered, this is our magnificent Malaga, and we are here to ensure you enjoy it to the fullest.

  6. Pick up points

    1. Please be at your pick-up point 10 minutes before the pick-up time. Don’t worry it shouldn’t be raining but it may be cold in the winter.

  7. Malaga’s cultural and natural heritage

    1. Our tours are all about our culture, landscape, history… and food. Let’s respect all this, please don’t pocket an old stone or pick the flowers, take a photo, it will last longer, and wont gather dust in a drawer.